AUs & Other Idea Explorations

Modern Day AU

What if our favorite characters were in a "normal" world? Apparently they'd be living the high school life and attending raves/renaissance festivals

Period Drama AU

My favorite movie soundtracks tend to be from period dramas (Pride & Prejudice, Little Women, Jane Eyre, The Danish Girl)...it's silly and COMPLETELY self-indulging, but it was only a matter of time

Summertime Festival/Party AU

Sometimes it's good to just let loose a little

Fate Zero/Stay Night AU

I truly have no good explanation for this one. This anime got me good, and I had a lot of enabling from my friends. Originally there was a self-insert, but self-inserts are uncomfortable for me, so I made a random character to work with Pyre instead.

No Trauma AU

But WHAT IF....no angst?


I'm sorry (Read: I'm not sorry)

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